Marigold Towers

Marigold Towers was a concept proposal for the redevelopment of the busy market space at the Dhankawadi Bus terminal in Pune. It is proposed with a view of enhancing the market and shopping experience, providing more area and volume to the existing users. Also creating more business opportunities by utilizing the heights and increasing the areas. The market space would be capped with floors for parking for the users of the campus and as a public pay and park service for the surrounding areas. Thereby releasing the pressure of on street parking. This would be topped y two wings of residential apartments consisting of small and medium size apartments. These apartments will take benefit of the open spaces created in the podium level allowing its own privacy and security.

The concept - that speaks so boldly in form - The Marigold Flower. These flowers are sold on a very large scale in these markets as they are a vital component of all the festivals and rituals in the Hindu tradition. Picking up the essence of its remarkable form would serve in its adaptive usage to not just create a sophisticated facade but also filter the harsh sun from entering indoors, thereby acting as shading devices for passive cooling strategies.

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