Zafraan Exotica

The planning consists of platforms with surrounding water bodies that contain exotic fish specially imported from overseas. Decks, levels and bridges allow the restaurant to have islands with different sizes and types of tables and seating arrangement. These levels bring about a visual play in the whole space. The platform levels have different textures combined into the flooring to create interesting contrasts with wood, grass and water.


Intermediate bamboo and palm plantations combined with sandstone artifacts imported from Bali add up to the exotic atmosphere. The dining chairs that look like they could be cast in heavy rot iron are in fact cast out with aluminum - making them light and inexpensive. The columns and bar counter have been decoratively enveloped with ceramic embellishments of exotic species of flora. Lighting within these details creates subtle highlights of their presence.


The partition aquarium between the bar station and the music lounge creates the acoustical barrier between the spaces. This partition comprises of thick glass panels that resist the complete force of the water within. The fish in this aquarium take care of cleaning the glass naturally from inside thus reducing the maintenance of the same.

The restaurant becomes a great space for buffet lunch during office hours for the entire IT Campus while at night it serves as a Fine Dine and a space for hosting private parties.

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