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Cloudnine Healthcare India

The spatial planning approach of Cloudnine Hospital is majorly based on the hospital operational and functional pattern that leads to a distinct solution of departmental layouts and circulation.
The design is settled on the functional needs and on the balance of the hospital organisation with its environment. In this philosophy the lower boundaries of functions are represented by certified facts, the upper by pure, rationally manipulative concepts.
The hospital development model incorporates the elements of growth, cluster - formation, differentiation of departments, regrouping and separation. The increasingly distinct functions, capabilities and organisational clusters grow until a further differentiation into specialities and sub specialities occurs which requires new units or departments. Aggregation of specialities produces cross-professional teams with their own requirement on hospital space and the consequent need of regrouping. The design that is based on the functional patterns of its users in return imposes a rigid pattern of work on its users. The design ensures a flexibility in the spatial planning which anticipates change leading to a design for stability.

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