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Reebonz IT Park

The plot is situated in the industrial area of Rabale, Navi Mumbai. Located within a dense industrial fabric, the site is flanked by 30m wide roads on two sides.

Over the recent times, Rabale is witnessing steady development and growth in the IT sector. The site provides the opportunity for an important mid block link to Navi Mumbai. The development facilitates an opportunity to create an efficient IT space within a tight industrial grid. The plot is easily accessible from the Rabale Railway Station. It requires a bare minimum of 18 minutes to walk down and 3 minutes by car to the plot from the station.

The building has been designed with the aim of introducing a building of international quality, a multi layered urban green structure, into a relatively ecologically barren urban environment. It adds positively to the skyline and strengthens the vistas of the dense industrial urban fabric.

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