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St. Joseph School, Pune

St. Joseph School located in Pune is one of the most prestigious educational campuses of the city. We were assigned the task to redevelop the existing 9 acre campus that has served the school for more than 100 years.


To start with, we analyzed all possibilities of re zoning and orienting all existing structures with a view of maximizing the potential of the campus to accommodate the ever changing system of education. We understood and designed to help in providing the best traffic and circulation solutions of protecting the safety of every child entering the campus. Next, the campus is the house of more than 250 large deep rooted trees. With the utmost responsibility of protecting every sacred tree on the campus, we re aligned the buildings so as to maximize natural light inside the buildings, harnessing the natural wind currents, enhancing security levels and adding a certain amount of discipline to the orientations.

Once inside the main building, we offer a modular structure of design to felicitate ease and flexibility with all changing times. The building is comprised of two linear wings divided by large atriums that would borrow plenty of natural light from the top. The two wings get connected by these hefty post tension bridges that serve as multiple activity and interaction areas. Pushing the building on the south side of the land, the play areas come toward the North. This allows visual connections and a hierarchy of form.

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