Africa Medicity Hospital

The proposed Hospital is a Multi-Specialty Unit designed to cater 400 beds. The proposal sits on a 5 Acre large Site in Nairobi, Kenya. This 5 Acre site is housed within an 85 Acre Township that has a broader goal of Residential & Commercial expansion. The Site has a very convenient access from the Peponi Road along the Southern Boundaries and the Western Freeway on the East. The Hospital aims at including all facilities like Out-Patient Services, Radiology & Imaging, different levels of residential facilities, Maternity, Nuclear Medicine, all kinds of Surgery, etc. under one roof. The design of the hospital aims to create a warm homely environment with a hotel like ambience for improved Patient Healing using passive strategies. Concepts like Medical Tourism shall be promoted with the rising need of infrastructural support to suffice the humanitarian needs and economic demands created by Globalization. The building would be Modern to suit the rapidly changing cultural context of Kenya.

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